The Silent War We Are Already In | Start Prepping For Disaster

The Silent War We Are Already In | Start Prepping For Disaster
There are many physical and digital threats we need to prepare for right now that could all be construed as “Acts of War”. Get ready while you can!

The modern battlefield has become a different landscape than conflicts past. There is the veil of misinformation surrounded by echo chambers that can hide the physical threats from the people. Then there is cyberspace where wars can be fought from keyboards and servers all across the planet. But have the lines of war been crossed already? Is it possible that we are already in a conflict behind the scenes? We need to keep preparing as best we can for SHTF scenarios as it would seem that the possibility of large scale conflict is more likely than ever.

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Here are basic “cover your bases” preps that might help round out some of your current inventory:
Shelter (Ultralight Survival Tent)
Water (Berkey Water Filtration System)
Food (30 Day Emergency Food Bucket x2)
Security (Protective Ballistic Backpack)
Medical (Check out Refuge Medical by Bear Independent: Use code, “MAGIC” for 10% Off!)
Kit ( A Knife is the MOST important tool in any kit for survival) (Check Description for full Bug Out Bag suggestions)
Power (Ecoflow Solar Generator)
Comms (Quad Band Ham Radio (License Required To Transmit))

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