Tex's Junglee short sword Kopis Wilderness survival knife

This is a video that I wanted to do showing the large splitting potential that the Junglee short short Kopis survival Knife has on larger hard wood. Also thought I will never claim to be Military, As the Blade shape is originally a fighting blade shape, I think that if a ranger of a marine fixed a teclok on to the Sheath and wore it on their hip It might be a very effective defensive knife. BUT I AM NOT EVER GOING TO SAY I KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT COMBAT! However You could possibly tie it to the back of a molle vest but putting it back would be a problem. However if you are down to using a fighting knife, putting the knife away is the least of your worries. I am also not going to say that this knife is light, but it is light when compared with its length and its capability.

the blade can be found here.

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