Survival knife 2020 update part 1 of my perfect survival knife tool kit suggestion

First that take a Look at my EDC beltpouches with the knifes and LED-Falashlight and the tiny lighter I carry every day with me

At Minute 8:45 we meet again an old friend. The Extrema Ratio (ER) ONTOS military Survival knife with his friends the ER R.A.O. II (a tactical heavy duty folder that was built to replace a fixed blade if needed) and the ER BF1 (basic folder) and the Leatherman signal (survival Multitool from Leatherman) and the little Squirt PS4 Multitool (PS stands for plyers) in a survival combopack to grab and go. Yeah. The weight is about 1.5 KG but my philosophy says: If you have to carry too much but got everything you need and can then choose what to ceep and what to leave behind its better then a lack of items. But this is something which everybody may decide on its own.

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