MY PANDEMIC SURVIVAL KIT ( Netflix, K Dramas, & Movies) | Episode 59 | Weekends With PsorPhil

MY PANDEMIC SURVIVAL KIT ( Netflix, K Dramas, & Movies) | Episode 59 | Weekends With PsorPhil

Saranghae! Calling all K Drama fanatic out there! Let’s discuss another pandemic survival approach this Saturday night! This time about your good love family marathon bonding time with K Drama Series and Netflix binge-worthy movies.

Let us all listen to our lovely couple guest who’s a bonafide K-Drama aficionado, Miss Estrella Tito and Mark Anthony Tito, on how they were hooked up with these diverse television programs, whose uplifting and heartwarming narratives offer a certain kind of solace for life under lockdown.

As more people continue to watch K-dramas & Netflix series help them get through this crisis, we take a look at the qualities that make these shows so critically successful, as well as beloved throughout the world.

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