WAKE UP! Jesus is COMING! | Dreams & Visions of Rapture & Asteroids

Recently the Lord has laid it on my heart that the end is very near. He has given me countless personal confirmations through scripture. The Lord is currently pouring out His spirit on all of His people. This is a compilation of different rapture & asteroid dreams and visions that people have had.
Wake up! Jesus is coming!
John 3:16
Videos Used:
Arlee Anna: https://youtu.be/iowlFKvcpQA
NessaSmart08: https://youtu.be/aZYbynDwtPg
Roxanne Morgan: https://youtu.be/9DP0F4bm_x4
Christa Elisha: https://youtu.be/R2Z8ZO5oOxo
Ryan-Camylle Lowe: https://youtu.be/Jgx9VwBrpJg
Hope Owens: https://youtu.be/LGBtuA3PBwM
Infinite rapture: https://youtu.be/eBjqhmV3CP4
Dana Coverstone: https://www.facebook.com/realdanacoverstone

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