News from Jesus March 12, 2015 💞 Day of the Rapture… When the Bombs fall & Miami is annihilated

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Day of the Rapture… When the Bombs fall & Miami is nuked and annihilated

March 12, 2015 – Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

Clare began… Lord, I just don’t understand how I can accomplish everything You’ve said I would do before the Rapture.

Jesus answered… “Can we talk about it?”

(Clare) Yes, that would help me immensely.

(Jesus) “I never told you the time frame in which you would get this done. I just told you that you would complete everything I’d given you to do. But I didn’t say when.”

(Clare) Lord, You inferred before the Rapture. And also, You’ve told me that You had thrown up obstacles to give Your Bride more time. Now I am very, very confused.

(Jesus) “Let me clear the clutter. First of all, I did promise that all would be accomplished. I know you thought it would be before the Rapture, but I didn’t give you any time frame.”

(Clare) Oh… Help me Lord, you can see I’m falling into a trap.

(Jesus) “Steady as she goes, My Love. Hold on. You must be patient. There’s going to come a time when everything you have wanted to do which I have put in your heart, is going to be completed. After the Rapture.”

(Clare) After?

(Jesus) “Yes, after.”

(Clare) But You said you were giving Your Bride more time?

(Jesus) “I just did give her more time.”

(Clare) But, I sensed or felt you meant years – like a couple of years or three years.

(Jesus) “Well, I never clarified that for you because I am still waiting for My Father’s word. There is timing involved, acute timing involved.”

(Clare) I’m stumped.

(Jesus) “There goes that unbelief again.”

(Clare) Yep, guilty as charged, oh help me Jesus! At this point I needed to make a fire and heat dinner up for Ezekiel, and it was a welcomed break. I knew that if I went to him he would help me out of my confusion. Am I being toyed with or is this truly Jesus? I’m back, it is Jesus.

(Jesus) “Well, are you satisfied and at peace?”

(Clare) Yes, Lord.

(Jesus) “You asked Me to help you. He (Ezekiel) is My mouth piece and protection for you, sweet Bride.”

(Clare) Oh, Jesus – how can you call me sweet when I question You so?

(Jesus) “I’m not offended. Your irascibility only gives Me the opportunity to display My meekness and humility for My children. In other words, if I can be meek and humble with Clare, surely you can be meek and humble with one another. You see, I make good use of your stubbornness.”

(Clare) You truly are gentle and forgiving Jesus. Thank you for being so patient with me.

(Jesus) “It wasn’t difficult. I love you and I understand your struggles, which by the way are universal to all men. But now that we’ve settled that, I need to fill you in.”


Here an Excerpt of the Lord’s Message and Clare’s dream from November 3, 2014

Clare began… The dream that I had of the nuclear annihilation of Miami and this message and promise were only a few days apart.

I dreamt that I was on a white, sandy beach on a sub-tropical ocean and a fishing dory was nearby with fishing nets and primitive looking implements. It was obvious to me I was not in America. It was a sunny day, perhaps midmorning or early afternoon and I was occupied cleaning a fishing net when I turned and looked behind me, over my right shoulder across the ocean, and saw a fist sized cloud on the distant horizon. It quickly began to swell, getting bigger and bigger and I realized that a city in the distance, though I could not see it, had just been struck with an atomic bomb. I cried out… ‘Oh, my God!’ and awoke from the dream.

Immediately, I knew the dream had been from Holy Spirit. All I could do was pray for mercy. Later I looked for the location of the city and determined that it was either Houston viewed from the eastern coast of the Baha, or Miami viewed from a Cuban beach. I’m pretty sure now, looking back on it, that I was looking northward, so it would have been Miami.

‘Lord, I want to know more about what’s going to happen in the world and what I can do to help. You know I did not want to pry into things that are far beyond me.’

At that point, this was during my prayer, before me was a beautiful white and sandy beach, edged with aquamarine waters. There’s something strange, though. All the way down the beach, as far as the eye can see, large grey masses have been thrown up along the shoreline. As I looked more closely, I realized they were human bodies. It was so gruesome I dared not look any more closely. I turned to the Lord and asked solemnly… ‘Where are we?’


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