The Truth That Unlocks Healing Miracles In Your Life | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Unleash His Resurrection Life (11 Jul 2021)

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Unleash God’s resurrection life and experience His healing and restorative power in every area of need! In this life-changing message by Joseph Prince, learn the key to releasing God’s divine power that will cause you to thrive in your health, emotional wellbeing, and relationships. Be transformed from the inside out when you discover how you can:

• Let the resurrection life of Jesus flow into your body, thoughts, and emotions the more you lay hold of God’s gift of righteousness to you.
• Stay protected from every disease and calamity in these last days and remain young, strong, and healthy—no matter your age.
• Be set free from negative feelings of depression, bitterness, and pessimism, and enjoy flourishing relationships with your loved ones.
• Confidently look forward to the blessed hope and receive comfort and encouragement in these last days.

See your miracle spring forth from the inside out as you experience God’s resurrection life flowing through your spirit, soul, and body!

Excerpt Summary:
0:00 A Recap On What Is The Spirit, Soul, And Body
1:13 The Spirit Is Life Because Of Righteousness!
3:04 God Wants You Healthy, Young, And Strong!
6:09 The Effects Of Setting Your Mind On The Spirit
8:21 Experience Healing From The Inside-Out
10:06 Pastor Prince Leads You In A Prayer For Healing
12:24 Give Me This Mountain—Now Available On Amazon

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