PRETRIB Rapture – Clues From The Scriptures!


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If a person wants to know when the harpazo happens you really have to pray for wisdom from the Lord and search the Scriptures diligently to find out the truth. You can’t find it in one specific verse, you have to compare Scripture with Scripture, rightly divide, and even look at “types/shadows” found throughout the Word.
Pre-Wrath or Post Trib views leave many glaring problems and contradictions. Fact is JESUS said the gates of hell will not prevail against His church(which means we are not all going to get our heads chopped off for refusing the mark), no man will know the day or hour(which means its not POSTTRIB because then we could know the date by doing simple math), we are to be looking for His imminent return(we are exhorted many times to be watching and waiting for His sudden return which couldn’t happen if we were waiting on antichrist and the mark, etc), and we should have a Blessed Hope of His soon return for us(not awaiting tribulation to come first!), etc etc etc!

1. GEN 19:22 – (The Angels couldn’t destroy Sodom until Lot escaped…the tribulation won’t come until the church makes its escape at the rapture!)
2. 2 PET 2:9 T – (The Lord knows how to deliver us who have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us out of temptations, like taking the mark of the beast for example, and the point of the tribulation is judgment, but our sins have already been bought and paid for in full by JESUS!)
3. JOHN 11:26 -(You can’t believe after you die, so JOHN 11:25-26 must mean something else. Whoever is still alive and believes in Jesus when He comes at the rapture will never physically die, i believe that!)
4. 1 THESS 4:16-18 – (In context, Paul is writing to the Thessalonians who were thinking their loved ones who died before the Lords return missed out. We will meet the Lord in the air, obviously different from the second coming. This is to bring comfort, as opposed to saying the tribulation will come first.)
5. JOHN 14:3 -(Where is Jesus? In heaven right?! So He is coming to take us to heaven, obvious difference from the second coming, sheep and goat judgment, etc.)
6. ZEPH 2:3 – (We will be hidden, i.e. not here on earth during the Day of the LORD.)
7. ISA 26:20-21 – (We will be called up and hidden in the bridal chamber until the tribulation is done. The point is to judge the sins of the Christ rejecting world, not to punish us whose sins are already forgiven!)
8. 1 COR 15:51-53 – (It is a mystery, only found by true and sincere believers who really seek!)
9. 1 THESS 5:9 (Self explanatory, we are not appointed to the wrath of God that will be poured out during the tribulation!)
10. REV 12:1-5 (WE will not be devoured by satan, but will be caught up to the throne of God…Israel will flee to the wilderness, not the church)
11. ISAIAH 66:5-9 – (Many bash and hate those who speak truth about the rapture, but He will appear to our Joy!)
12. HEB 11:5 – (Enoch is a type of the church, walking with God, pleasing God by having Faith, and being translated and taken up before death!)
13. REV 4:1 (Meta Tauta,= after these things. After what things? The church age! John being caught up here is a type of the church being raptured)
14. REV 3:10-11 (Promise by God to be kept EKK, OUT OF, the tribulation. Also this again states the purpose of the tribulation to try those who “dwell on the earth”, but the Bible says the church’s citizenship is in heaven and we are seated with Christ Jesus in the heavenlies already!)
15. TITUS 2:13 (The pretrib rapture is meant to give you a happy hope, not a fearful awaiting of the antichrist, mark of the beast, and tribulation coming first.)
16. 1 THESS 2:19 (After the wedding banquet/bema seat judgment, the glorified bride of Christ will be coming back with Jesus when He comes at the second coming)
17. 1 JOHN 3:2 (When Jesus appears to the world at the second coming, we will already have glorified bodies like His!)
18. COL 3:4 (Again, we will be appearing with JESUS at His second coming in glorified bodies!)
19. REV 5:9-10 (These singing this song in heaven can only be the church, who has been redeemed by His blood, note this is before the seals are opened!)
20. LUKE 21:36 (The church will be accounted worthy to escape the tribulation, by Faith)
21. REV 22:7 (He is coming quickly, if you understand and keep the prophecies in the book of Revelation, you will be blessed(happy)to know the truth)
22. REV 22:20 (He is coming quickly, come quickly Lord Jesus AMEN! If the tribulation must come first, based off Amos 5:18, if you think about it, we couldn’t really pray this prayer….)

SCRIPTURE= King James Version (KJV)

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