The Rapture is Unbiblical

Mike, Nate, and Jessica talk about the unbiblical, man-made tradition of the Rapture. This one is a little in depth, so we added timestamps for the major points. As this belief is one that no Catholic, Orthodox or the majority of Protestants throughout history have believed (including every founder of the major Protestant groups), was only invented in the 1800’s and seems to largely be an issue only in America. Also Jessica super hates when people who should know better post Christian clickbait that combines a good message with rapture junk. But in the name of fairness, she did use mainly pro-rapture and neutral sources in the creation of this video, so she is working from what the people who believe it say is the reasons that they do so.

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00:00 Intro-The Rapture is NOT Biblical-Clickbait posts
01:11 When the Rapture was invented-John Darby-Margaret MacDonald
03:55 Eschatology and other “reasons” for the Rapture
06:57 How the “Rapture” spread-the life of Scofield
12:51 Bible passages used by pro-rapture people
13:19 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and the Latin for “Rapture”
14:41 The “3rd” Coming of Christ in Rapture Theology
15:40 Revelation 3:10 and “Christians will NEVER have to suffer”
16:32 Matthew 25:1-13 ( The Parable of the Ten Virgins) counterargument
17:12 Matthew 24:36-44 Is being taken good? Matthew 13:24-30 counterargument
19:20 Other passages used in Rapture Theology
19:57 People who didn’t believe in the Rapture- why the Bible was written
21:50 The rapture is NOT Biblical wrap up- Closing
23:31 After show clip

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