Find Local Churches

Choosing a church is an important part of life: the church is where we meet others who have the same spiritual desires and belief system that we do. It's a place we find comfort and fellowship and learn more about living a Christian life.

There are a few things you can do to find a new church family, and the journey doesn't have to be a difficult one. If you are already a member of a particular denomination then narrowing down a church to find may be easier. If you aren't a member of a denomination, then you'll have a few more things to consider.


Moving is tough. There are so many details involved with moving and it can become especially tough when it involves long-distance moves and gets harder as your family gets bigger.

One of the tougher things about moving is the actual leaving. You leave the places that you know... the people that you know... your networks and relationships... and your spiritual communities. Finding a church can be tough, but leaving one and then finding a new one that meets your needs can be really tough.

Understanding what you love about your current church

One of the best things you can do for yourself is take stock of what it is about your current community of faith that is so attractive and health. These are the reasons that you are there and will help in finding your next church home. Of course there are going to be some things that you don't like about the current church that you are in but you will find things you don't like about every single church in the world... even Hillsong.

If you really are leaving a church because you are upset with it, it would still be good to get an understanding about some of the things about that church that are good. Every church has its positive elements. These things will help you in your search.

What is most important

The next step is to make a list of things that are the most important to you in a new church. Some of these might be...

Each of these items can be a make or break for you depending on your season of life and what other things are important to you. It's also important to rank each of these things so that you know which ones are the most important to you and your family.

Spirit and Truth

Before I get to the God factor, which is the most important part of this whole puzzle, I want to share a thought about something that Jesus said. In John 4:24 Jesus says that He is looking for worshippers who worship in spirit and in truth.

Spirit. You need to make sure that the church you are attending or the church that you are visiting worships in spirit. What this means is that the spirit of God is lifted up each and every week and that the community is committed to making the spirit a part of everything it does. Without the living water of the spiritual church life and the Christian community becomes dead and dry. You need life... look for life in the spirit.

Truth. Make sure that the community you are a part of teaches the truth... the truth about Jesus, the truth in scripture and the truth about the Kingdom of God. It is critical that you are being taught the truth. Things will come and go... but the truth will stand forever.

Let Him Speak

The most important thing in the whole process is letting God speak. All of the above is actually just things that will get you talking to each other or to your friends... and it's things we all talk about when talking about our churches. The most important question you need to ask is, "God is this the church that you want me to be a part of... ?" and then let Him answer... He may even use the things listed above to answer the question.

Sometimes God has us in a place for a season, and other times He has us in a place for life. Either way, we need to let Him lead us...

In Your City

Hopefully, in your city, there is a resource for you containing contact information about local churches in your area. Looking at hundreds of websites can be difficult and confusing.