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WARNING! END TIMES PROPHECY AGAINST AMERICA and the Churches – You Have Hastened the Day!

Thus Says The Lord Against the United States: You Have Hastened the Day! – Volume 7 – http://trumpetcallofgodonline.com/index.php5?title=Volume_7

Church Leaders PRAYED you’d never see this...

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TEXT: http://trumpetcallofgodonline.com/index.php5?title=Thus_Says_The_Lord_Against_the_United_States:_You_Have_Hastened_the_Day!

Excerpt: “Thus says The Lord God, THE GOD, The God of Israel, The God of all: I am coming down in My anger, and wrath shall blaze before Me! I shall fulfill My judgment, for it has come! It shall no more tarry, for the time has come!… Behold! I shall consume and destroy, tear down and make an end!

Woe to you, O mighty and perverse nation,
For you stand united and proud!…


Woe to you! WOE TO YOU! Says The Lord God…

The Lord of hosts is My name, The Everlasting.

Behold, your travail has come, O proud and perverse nation! You are undone! For I, even I, shall divide you, and bring you very low! Says The Lord in His anger. For I have called to you, yet you have not answered! I have spoken to you, even arising early and sending My servants, the prophets, yet you turn to Me a deaf ear!… Behold, your Savior does continually speak to you, yet you want no part with Him!
Sorrows, bitter sorrows, many tears… I take no pleasure at all in your dismemberment, says The Lord. For you have not answered, neither have you repented of all these abominations, neither have you turned aside. Yet you run, yes you run, running headlong toward your destruction while shaking your fists toward Heaven.

Therefore, listen and understand:

It is not covered, neither is it hidden!…

A parading of your whoredoms, vanities, greed and licentiousness!…


Even to the destroying of the innocent, without remorse!…

Man with man, woman to woman, to the polluting of marriage,
Of which I had sanctified in My own name!…

The defiling of flesh, even of this temple I have given you!…


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**A TESTAMENT Against The World… The Lord’s REBUKE — http://trumpetcallofgodonline.com/index.php5?title=A_Testament_Against_The_World…_The_Lord%27s_Rebuke

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