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#Podcast | Me Time | Episode 19 | Reflecting on World Events with HOPE | Verse of the Day

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I’m stepping out of my shell with a new podcast. The only time I have to myself is when I’m driving to work or when I’m heading home from work. During this time I want to start sharing my thoughts on everything that goes on in my life. Whether it’s a show I’m watching or some controversial news topic. I want to share my thoughts during my time in the car. I hope you enjoy getting to know me better by listening to this podcast.

On This Episode:
2020 began and it seems like all the signs of the End Times have taken place in less than a month cause we are still in January. I reflect on these events with hope and talk about spreading love and wisdom and I share my thoughts on the verse of the day from the YouVersion bible app. God Bless and have a nice day

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