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Is It OK To Question Someone's Salvation? – Ask Pastor Tim

Questioning the salvation of other professing Christians can often be perceived as unloving or judgmental. But is there a Biblical warrant to do so? Are there characteristics that accompany true conversion? And if these characteristics are lacking in the life of a professing Christian, does the Bible allow us to question their conversion?

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0:00 – Logo intros.
0:14 – Reading the question.
1:04 – This is an area we have to be balanced.
2:43 – Judge others? Does not love “believe all things”?
3:11 – Parable of the wheat and the tares (Matthew 13.24)
4:52 – Don’t be the “salvation police.”
6:22 – 1 Thessalonians 5 – Do you have the weakest Christian alive in your church?
9:54 – In 1 and 2 Corinthians, Paul is very charitable to them.
14:39 – 2 Corinthians shows us there are “false brethren” within the church.
16:38 – 1 John is loaded with statements challenging people to whether they are saved or not.
23:10 – We need to exhort and admonish one another.
25:57 – 1 John also speaks about our perspective on Christ.
28:24 – 2 Timothy 3:5 speaks of people appearing to be godly who deny the power of God.
30:56 – What if someone never mentions Christ when explaining their testimony?
33:30 – Question 1 – How do we approach people who say, “My testimony is just between the Lord and me”?
36:02 – Example of Bob Jennings being gracious to someone.
37:50 – Do not close your eyes to those who bring in error.
41:24 – Question 2 – How do you deal with someone whose testimony is not convincing?
45:22 – Question 3 – What about a person who does not know when they were saved?
52:23 – Tim speaking about his testimony.
55:20 – Do you have a new relationship with the Word of God?
1:01:09 – We become sensitive to our relationship with God.
1:06:36 – What a privilege it is to be a Christian.

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