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Golden Nuggets LIVE #1105 – Salvation & The End Times, Pt. 1 – Min.Fitz (2020)

Golden Nuggets LIVE #1105 – Salvation & The End Times, Pt. 1 – Min.Fitz – Fasting and prayer day #126, praying for supernatural healing over everyone battling Covid-19, peace, change, justice and the continuing uprooting of the grip of racism in our nation and in the world, in the name of Jesus, amen. – In part one of today’s lesson, Min. Fitz shares a Word guided by the Holy Spirit on how Christians should more focused on their salvation rather than arguing about who believes or does not believe in the rapture. Bottomline, if you believe in the Rapture, you will be gone before the Anti-Christ reigns. If you don’t believe in the Rapture then you will still get to be with the Lord IF you choose to die for Christ and NOT follow the Anti-Christ. This 3-part series shares many scriptures and understanding as well as addresses areas of confusion so that you can then study the Word further for yourself. Then let the Holy Spirit bring you peace as you study and gain your own understanding on this topic, amen. That is what is most important – holding on to peace of mind from the truth in the Word, amen. Texts – 2 Tim. 2:15; Prov. 4:7; John 8:32; 1 Thess. 4:16-17 and Rev. 19:11-21,20-1-5. Lesson scriptures – Rom. 10:9-10; Rev. 3:8-13; Matt. 24:21, 29-31,36, 42-44; Luke 17:26-29, 12:34-35, 39-40; John 14:1-3; Col.3:4; Titus 2:13; 2 Pet. 3:10. (10/5/2020)
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