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End Times Prophecy, The United States & The Revived Roman Empire

History of Empires from the time of Babylon all the way to present day and into the millennium kingdom. Understanding how the world we live in today was shaped by the Greco-Roman world and it was all foretold in the book of Daniel. Daniel saw the history of the western world, second coming of Christ and the millennium kingdom. Vivid explanation of bible prophecy concerning the last days and the coming ten region world government as a revival of the Roman Empire using passages from Daniel and Revelation. I will also show you how the United States ties into the last days events and that it plays a much much more significant role than what is taught. Almost every bible prophecy teacher says the US is not mentioned in the bible or some will say it is the mystery Babylon of Revelation 17 & 18. Both of those view points are way off and I will prove this fact using factual history starting with the time of Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome and into European history to present day and you will see how it all makes perfect sense and actually should be obvious to those who know and understand bible prophecy.

One thing to keep in mind when watching that when I say I will show how the bible reveals all of world history that is connected to Israel I am talking about from the time of Babylon to future events yet to happen. I also make mention of the U.S. relocation of its embassy in Israel but accidentally say from Telaviv to Israel. Obviously you should be able to know what I meant to say was Jerusalem. I crammed so much history into this video so please forgive those two few second points that may not have been as clear as intended. But I promise you that it will be extremely eye opening in understanding clearly what the bible teaches about the last days and will make more sense then most of the teachings you have heard on the subject of end times prophecy in relation to where we are now in this biblical timeline.

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