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Does Bitcoin fit into the Bible in the Last Days? (Prophecy and Bitcoin)

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Welcome to Hot Topics! This is the next video of a series of topics that are discussed by Pastor Robert Furrow of Calvary Tucson.

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Today on Hot Topics, Does Bitcoin fit into the Bible in the Last Days?

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Throughout history, there are watershed moments that changed the world. Technology has made that a lot more frequent. Things like cell phones, credit cards, and the Internet have changed the way that we interact with this world. There’s another one that is right on the cusp. It’s a new technology Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin Today on hot topics.

This insert Borough. If you’re new here, we want to welcome you. Consider liking subscribing, sharing, and ringing the bell so you could get all of our new content. The comment section is open below. We would love to hear from you two things before we start Number one. This is not investment advice. I am not the guy that you want to begin investment advice from Number two Cryptocurrency. The Blockchain Bitcoin is not my area of expertise. I feel a lot more comfortable talking about the Bible than I do Bitcoin. But I wanna go over the basics of Bitcoin and talk about how that fits into what the Bible says. First, let’s talk about Bitcoin. It’s kind of like when the Internet came on the scene. There are a lot of people that didn’t understand it one of the talking heads on TV said, Can anybody find out what the Internet is? The more we use the Internet, and I would dare to say most of us really don’t understand the Internet. But the more we use the Internet, the more comfortable we get with it. And that will be the same with Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology, and Bitcoin. The more we use it, the more comfortable we will be with it. Even if we don’t understand it. Maybe it would be better for us not to think about Bitcoin as an individual coin, but in its totality. Bitcoin starts off on a device. You have your computer, you have your phone, you have a ledger, you’ve got a tablet, and on that, you have a wallet. And from that wallet, you can go to an exchange and you could buy and sell Bitcoin. You could go to another individual that has a wallet on one of their devices, and you could exchange Bitcoin with them as well. Someone said that having a wallet on your phone is like having a bank on your phone, and that’s probably the best way for us to think about Cryptocurrencies specifically for this video, Bitcoin is that it’s your own bank with your own bank account. And there are a lot of unbanked people around the world that have cell phones. And if they have cell phones and they have Internet, they would be able to exchange with one another, and countries that have had currency collapses like Venezuela. A lot of people started using cryptocurrency because it was much more stable than their government. So Bitcoin is more than just a coin that’s out there somewhere on the Internet. It’s a new way of interacting with currency, and that’s what makes it so powerful. A couple more things about Bitcoin. It’s built on top of Blockchain technology, and many say that that’s the rial world-changing thing that’s happening now. You have computers, thousands of them that are connected together. In the case of Bitcoin, there’s a Blockchain that’s connected thousands together, and they are verifying the ledger for Bitcoin every few minutes.

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