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The mission of Bible Presbyterian Church of Collingswood, New Jersey is to energetically love and serve God, to compassionately love others, and to exalt and magnify the name of our God and Savior Jesus Christ. The vision of our church is to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord by articulately sharing the Gospel of Christ through personal and corporate witness, making true disciples around the world, supporting and praying for missions, administering the ordinances, edifying believers, and doing all that is Biblically permissible to glorify the name of Jesus Christ.
Leadership Team:

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Our leadership team recognizes the absolute, ultimate, and final Divine authority of the Eternal Creator God, clearly revealed in the Bible, and realizes that we are only under-shepherds who serve in submission to the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. We desire to devote ourselves to prayer, to the ministry of the Word, and to the protection of those entrusted to our care. Our driving motivation and goals are to lead the lost to Christ, and to equip believers for the work of the ministry until we all attain maturity in the fullness of Christ.

As the primary teaching pastor, Pastor Spencer has a passion for carefully expounding the truths of Scripture and applying these truths to practical, daily Christian living. Since 1973 Pastor Spencer has served churches in Texas, Alabama and New Jersey. He has ministered at Bible Presbyterian Church for seven years. He and his wife Judy are the parents of thirteen children. Pastor Spencer is a licensed Attorney at Law (Alabama), with a legal practice focused on non-profit corporation law. He is also an allied attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom (focus on First Amendment Constitutional Law). He is a graduate of the Stony Brook School (for boys), Gordon College (B.A.), Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.), and Cumberland School of Law (J.D.), with additional graduate studies at the American Institute of Holy Land Studies (Jerusalem University College) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


1. Eschatology (the doctrine of “last things” or “end times”). The Bible Presbyterian Church of Collingswood is “pre-millennial” and “pre-tribulational.” That means we believe that Jesus Christ will literally and bodily return in the clouds to “catch up” (“rapture”) into heaven all true Christians (including raising from the dead all Christians who have previously died) immediately before the literal seven-year period of judgment, which God has promised to send upon the earth. That period is what the Bible calls the “great tribulation” – hence, we are “pre-tribulational.” We also believe that our Lord Jesus Christ will then literally and bodily return to earth with the resurrected Christians at the end of the tribulation to set up his millennial (1,000-year) reign on earth – hence, we are “pre-millennial.” Most other Presbyterians are either amillennial (they deny both a literal rapture, and a literal millennium on earth), or they are postmillennial (they believe the world will get better and better with the last 1,000 years being a golden age, after which Christ will return.) Consistent with our pre-millennial and pre-tribulational position, we also hold that God still has a future plan of blessing for national Israel, distinct from the Church

3. Separation:

4. Bible Translations: We believe that God literally and verbally inspired the text of the Bible in the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts (including certain passages in Daniel and elsewhere, in Aramaic). We also believe that God has faithfully and accurately preserved this original text in the Masoretic Text (Old Testament) and the Textus Receptus (New Testament), the “majority text” manuscripts used to translate the King James Version of the Bible. We therefore believe that the King James Version is the most faithful and accurate translation available in the English language. We do not believe in “double inspiration” (i.e. – the additional inspiration of the English text) nor do we believe that the King James Version can be used to correct the original language texts. While others may differ with us on this point, we believe that the proliferation of modern translations, almost all of which are based on the defective eclectic minority text, has damaged the church-at-large by: (1) making the general population of Christians Biblically illiterate, (2) in general, making Christians doctrinally incompetent (by subtly denying true doctrine and promoting false doctrine), (3) diluting the standard of Biblical authority and excellence, (4) reducing Scripture memory and meditation; and, (5) generally manifesting a spirit of commercial greed. We therefore hold strongly to the King James Version, and use it exclusively in our public worship and in the teaching and training of our children and youth.

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