00018more little country churches around halifax

now this is st georges church right up lee mount near wheatley cresant more history on halifax country villages churches and chaples now this church only has 1 bell which strikes the hours only and has 3 white clock faces like a creamey color now it remindes me of st judes church up free school lane by manor heath park yes its on a little side road a housing estate yes 6th of the 6 sunday afternoon 2021 sort of in a little lock down by stuart mills the heavyst bellringer uk there is some lovley country villages churches around to come and visit where ever you are yes hope you like the youtube of halifax churches chaples look friends if i see a church passing by i will stop to film it ok i will always bear it in mind i promise to all my friends yes its better seeing it on tv on youtube ok lets all hope we get back to normall soon please its so boaring why we cant travle so far its so stupid we will get there one day let us all ring together and ring the bells over the calder valley halifax hills and far away and ring into the new yes to say a big welcome back to normall which would be good also ring on may day bank holiday every year starting from 2022 good luck god bless you hamen

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