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Current Events in Bible Prophecy Israel USA Vaccine Super Blood Moon Extraterrestrials, AI, and Mind

In this episode, I discuss the end times and the latest current news events in bible prophecy with the earthquake news update, the stampede in northern Israel near Mount Meron, a global coronavirus update including China offering help to India, Pfizer and BioNTech near vaccine for adolescents in Europe, France C-19 Vaccine to adults on June 15, Turkey enters into a complete lockdown over coronavirus, France detects Indian strain of C-19, Who expects a Moderna and Chinese company vaccine assessment this week, Super Blood Moon appearing in May and what it means with a Ring of Fire, Benjamin Netyanahu’s alliances moving forward in Israel, Ezekiel 38 War, the role of the Pope and the June 2021 conference on Extra-Terrestrials, Artificial Intelligence, and Minds Beyond the Human, tribulation, rapture of the church, and much, much more.

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News Events in Bible Prophecy
Time Codes
0:00 Introduction
5:17 Earthquake News Today
7:45 Stampede in Israel
9:15 Palestinian Authority Election Postponed
11:30 Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Election News
14:27 China India Coronavirus Update
16:06 Pfizer BioNTech Adolescents in Europe
17:09 France Vaccine to Adults June 15
18:05 France Detects India Strain of Coronavirus
19:23 Turkey in complete Lockdown
20:48 World Health Organization (WHO) Modern and Chinese Company Vaccine Assessment
21:16 Ezekiel 38 War Update
22:38 Super Blood Moon Ring of Fire
25:00 Pope Conference June 2021 Extraterrestrials, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Minds Beyond the Human

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