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Bible Prophecy News Show -Countdown 100

Tune in for the Bible Prophecy New’s Show with featured show segments that cover the areas of the end time signs in the news. Each show features regular and alternating segments such as:
The 2 Timothy Report
End of the World Weather Report
Bible Prophecy News which features alternating topics depending on what is in the news, these are:
Revived Roman Empire
US Decline
Ezekiel 38 War and more
Commentary on a particular new’s story, expose or Prophetic teaching
Questions and Answers where one question that is sent in is answered,
Finally, Armageddon Countdown.

This show’s Commentary is “Be Wary Its End Times Exposing Falun Gong Cult”

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About This channel-End Times”Prophecy Talk” for Bible Prophecy News, Prophecy Updates and Analysis by Erika Grey
Discover the Latest News That Aligns With Bible Prophecy. Get Your End Time, Bible Prophecy Updates that fit Geopolitically-from A Source You Can Rely On.

Erika Grey’s Prophecy Talk for Discussion of Current Events in light of Bible Prophecy and cutting edge commentary on the end times and book of Revelation. Bible Prophecy Expert Erika Grey provides information not found anywhere else that you will not want to miss.

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