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Is Dinesh D’Souza a Woo idiot? – by clif high (

Black’s Law Dictionary, the 11th edition, print version, defines the word ‘idiot’, by first noting that the term is ‘archaic’, then states that the definition is of ‘a person afflicted with profound mental retardation’. Further it states that this term has largely fallen out of use in the legal and medical contexts, mainly due to you people using it as a derogatory slur.

In my opinion (that is legal talk there that may get one out of sticky situations for opening mouth inadvisably), the definition is particularly appropriate for the age of social media. We are all idiots, at times, in this age of too much information from every damn place.

We will all suffer from episodes of mental retardation when it comes to internet information. Yes, the internet provides great resources for research which is necessary for taking any information as factual, but that same technology also makes it very easy to obscure sources, and provide misleading support for any, and all, positions taken based on that information.

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There are internet idiots out there who think that Charlie Ward actually has the 18, or ??? however many millions of followers that he claims. They don’t know that his web site has a simple input variable for the reported numbers of followers that merely requires Charlie to pull yet another number out of his fat ass & plop it into the web page. The routine counts up to that number to provide a visual clue to reassure you that Charlie’s followers is legit. Which, if you look at the source code on his website (hit F12 in almost any browser when on the page to go into developer debug mode & watch it all work), it is easily seen that it is simply an input value in the code. No calculations are really being made.

This kind of stuff fools a lot of people when they are having a mental retardation moment. Perhaps it tricked Dinesh D’Souza, or his people into thinking Charlie Ward was a good interviewer, and legit news source.

Perhaps, it did not, and Charlie’s claim of this interview is yet another of his ‘name stealing’ attempts.

He does that, you know. He steals other people’s interviews, putting them out on his channel as though he had some ownership, or participation.

He’s done that to some of my videos, including interviews; ripped & stripped & stolen them.

Now, has he done this with Dinesh? Or is it a case of trickery and name stealing?

Is Dinesh D’Souza a Woo idiot? Does he know the players & their games in the Woo part of the internet?

In my opinion, probably he is ignorant of the Woo into which he walked. That is to say, the internet is wide & deep, & filled with every kind of human, and there is a really good chance that Dinesh does NOT know his way around in the Woo.

That is, IF the interview is legit. There is equally a probability that it is merely a rip & strip job by Charlie or his people trying to boost their status with legit personalities. Bear in mind that Charlie has claimed to ‘know Q’, ‘hang with central bankers’, be ‘the PR face for QFS’, move large quantities of cash across borders, yet somehow NOT be in the money laundering biz, and many other, very doubtful statements. Oh, he also claims to be a ‘doctor’. Not true, along with all of his other claims.

However, it does seem that the interview is legit.

In the interview, it is clear that Dinesh is a Woo Idiot. He does not know who Charlie Ward is, nor his association with trafficking, both money, and humans, and information. Dinesh speaks to Charlie as though he is conversing with a regular human, and not an internet grifter involved with spurious med-beds, 5G shields, and I-know-Q-personally, claims.

Though it is excusable, with the internet being as vast as humanity, this is still NOT a good look for Dinesh. It casts real doubts on his personal level of research. Or, perhaps some support staff person who fell for the social engineering is now getting quantities of shit for hooking Dinesh up with Charlie.

Oh, well. We all are idiots at times, and given the Mercury retrograde, this is the perfect time to manifest your inner Idiot. We all have to learn to live with the consequences of not being Woo fluent. Probably this won’t be a big hit on Dinesh, but it won’t do his rep any good at all, and given what is going on in the world, it will not be surprising to have this appearance with Charlie be thrown back at Dinesh at some point in the future as a smear.

Apparently Kerry Cassidy announced on her Telegram channel that she was seeking an entre to Dinesh for an interview. Perhaps he will do one with her. At least such would be a step up in the Woo from the depths Charlie Ward inhabits.

Dinesh should do the interview with Kerry Cassidy now that he is swimming in the Woo with the rest of us. It would be a real experience for him. IMO, a far better Woomersion than bobble-headed Charlie.


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