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Sega's Solar System: The Complete Guide!

GTV 115 “The Sega Solar System” In the 1990s Sega had a lot of projects in the works. Nearly all of them were named after heavenly bodies and their characteristics (Chapter markers and more below…)

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0:00 Pre-emption
0:13 GTV ID: The Center of the Universe!
0:20 Intro: A Far Off Exotic Place
1:07 From the Mega Drive Outward
2:27 Project Mercury
4:28 CM 1: Game Gear (Japan 1992), Super 32X (Japan 1994)
5:15 Project Venus
6:30 Project Earth
7:48 Project Mars
9:10 Project Jupiter
12:41 CM 2: Saturn From Saturn (1994) Johnny’s Jr. in Pri-fun (1996)
13:36 Project Saturn
14:57 Project Uranus
15:32 Project Neptune
16:31 Project Pluto
17:29 Project Titan and Janus

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Some information in this video came from one of my favorite sites!
The rest came from various 90s issues of EGM and Game Fan, as well as the Sega official channel and a book called “Sega Game Labo Dai Ken Kyuu” which was a great read packed with tons of Mega Drive, Mega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast info!

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Partial transcript

The Sega Saturn! The name invokes the image of a far off place. A beautiful exotic light shining from millions of miles away. An untouchable world filled with unimaginable pleasures and delights.

It may have been the perfect name to encapsulate the experience SEGA was trying to deliver to the player in those days gone by. But the naming of this machine wasn’t very hard and was known as the Saturn from the days when the machine was on the drawing board. That’s because in the 1990s SEGA codenamed all of their projects with a corresponding celestial object. Stay here for The Sega Solar System Story!

In 1988 the Mega Drive aka Genesis, was the center of the Universe for SEGA. The *NEW* 16-bit hardware was a sophisticated machine. Lightning fast for the time, and capable of near perfect arcade conversion, the machine was poised to take over the world, and for most of the world, in the 1990s, it did! With SEGA in the Market Leader position in the US, UK, Brazil, and Australia and with a dedicated following in Japan and Korea, they were not going to stop at just the Mega Drive. In fact, a whole galaxy of products, for lack of a better term, were developed to maintain and solidify that position. And almost all of those products were given codenames of the planets of the Solar System, with the Mega Drive slash Genesis at the center of this orbit from which we can see moving all around us.

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