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DON'T dig up your dahlias this winter – here's what to do instead

You don’t always have to dig up dahlias to keep them over the winter. It depends on where you live (for example, USDA Zones 9 and sometimes 8, or the South of England). There are also other factors, so see this gardening video to find out if and how you can leave your dahlias safely in the ground.

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Growing dahlias is easy. Dahlias are brilliant for glorious late-summer garden colour and they make beautiful cut flowers, but many people don’t want the bother of digging them up over the winter.

I’ve grown dahlias for fifteen years, and many of my dahlias survive the winter in my borders in South East England. And leaving the dahlias in the borders saves time.

Tools used (Amazon affiliate links so if you buy, I may get a small fee, but it doesn’t affect the price you pay):
Secateurs by either Fiskars: or Felco:

Purple Flexi-Tub trug:

Ultra lightweight loppers by Wilkinson:

Ferric phosphate based slug/snail pellets – brands include Sluggo: Growing Success:

More beautiful late season garden colour tips here:

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